What happens if the weather is bad?


Our flying area on the Gold Coast Hinterland is specially chosen to offer the most reliable hot air balloon departures available in the whole of South East Queensland, protected by the hills and valleys there we happily lose very few days to the weather and fly year around.

If we have to cancel due to weather conditions, you will be entitled to an easily arranged 100% refund.   However of course we would love to have you back and fly successfully on another occasion so by all means get us to instead hold your booking for a few weeks or months while you re-schedule. Your driver would arrange this for you on the morning.

Why dont you fly on the Coast ?  
As we do not want too much wind to inflate or fly a hot air balloon, flat calm is great :), we do not recommend flying next to the ocean as the early morning winds make takeoffs and flight directions unreliable.  In fact operators saying they fly close to the ocean often cannot fly there, they also cannot guarantee in advance where you will be flying,  and often need to relocate inland at the last moment to the hinterland to fly. 

Afternoon Storm ? 
Often times the storms that roll through Southern Queensland on an hot summers' afternoon are all gone by the cool of morning and its a beautiful day by then. So don't necessarily be concerned by afternoon and overnight storms.
Will you ring me ?
We are weather experts - we watch it all the time, and use a combination of sophisticated techniques to predict conditions.    So if the weather is predictably bad or stormy looking bad we will contact you at approximately 5pm the day before. Try to ensure we have a current mobile phone contact for you against your booking or by all means call us if you are concerned.  The phones close at 8pm sharp. 07 5636 1508
More often however the weather cant be predicted with certainty we may leave the descion until the morning and pick you up as normal.   This gives us the best chance of being able to fly you

How do I hold my booking with you and come out on another day ?
If cancelled due to weather, we will suggest that we can rebook you on tomorrow, or another date, so to hold your booking as opendated to be rebooked in future just let your driver know that's your preference and there will be no limit on the number of times you can re-try or expiry to your ticket.  The booking is held under your booking ID in our system (looks like 2*****) or your booking name.

How do I receive my refund ?
If you choose to receive the refund,   and if you hold a ticket from travel agent at home, or a third party website agent,  then we will need to refund to them and they will refund to you,   as they will still be holding your money. 
If you paid to Hot Air direct on a credit card we would refund100% to that same card by default.. 

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