Can we go to the launch site? Can our friends/family meet us at launch site to watch?


The quick answer is no you cant drive your own vehicle to watch us take off at our launch site, although of course the balloons are visible from many places in the district between about 6am and 7.30am this can vary by as much as 50km in either direction.

As we are entering Private properties, with specific permissions,   we have a responsibility to know who is under our control and who is not,  also those people travelling with us officially are covered by our Insurance on behalf of the property as a requirement

We take off at a different location everyday, depending on the wind direction and speed, so we never know in advance where that will be and the decision on a launch site location is only taken just before dawn. We are unable to say where this will be to guide you therefore.  

It is possible to reserve a seat on our vehicle as a "spectator"  however and our staff will ensure you are in all the best places to take photos and be with your flying loved ones if that is your aim.  You'll travel in air conditioned comfort and breakfast at O'Reiillys vineyard is included.  We will need to reserve you a spot on our bus however so you must tell us in advance you wish to come along and spectate. 

The cost for a spectator is $70 per person which includes return transfer, balloon chase and champagne breakfast ($60 in Cairns/Port Douglas as no breakfast is included in tours).

For self-drivers, the best and closet point to the launch site to drive to is Canungra Tourist Information Centre from Gold Coast and Brisbane.
For balloon rides on the Atherton Tablelands, please meet us at Mareeba Heritage Centre for those travelling from Cairns and Port Douglas.
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