What is the best time of year to go Hot Air Ballooning with you

Year Around ! 
Luckily flying in Queensland our weather conditions are mostly good year around, so we have no closed season.
Its hard for us to choose the weather several days ahead and so by all means give us a call maybe 2 days before to discuss your weather options,  but most of the time we will need to pick you up and go to the launch site to decide if its possible to fly.
Don't worry, we wont fly if there is any chance of unsuitable conditions, but we do want to give you the best chance of flying on the day you have chosen.

Our chosen flying locations are inland, not right on the open coastal strip next to the Ocean - why ?  Well often morning sea breezes can make the take off rate unreliable and we would need to cancel the flight,  heading just an hour inland over the mountains and into the valleys close by gives us the most reliable takeoff conditions and a spectacular flight location too
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