How many people will be in the balloon basket?


Every day is different in ballooning, the number of passengers and size of our balloon baskets always vary.
We fly baskets from 6 to 10 to 16 to 20 to 24 persons in a basket, and we are only able to determine how many people in a hot air balloon basket the evening before a flight when our flight planning commences.

Everywhere in the balloon basket each passenger gets a 360 degree view. Of course, the number of balloons we fly also varies every day and it's always fun when there's 2 or 3 or 4 balloons as part of the spectacular scenery.  

If you choose a Private Charter you will not be sharing with other people and in that case we can offer you a private flight for two adults of a family of four with children subject to your weight.  We only need individual weights for a private charter not for a regular flight.

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