What’s the difference between a 30 minute & 60 minute flight? Which is better?

Unlike other operators, our flight times are MINIMUM flight times

Look at the small print of other operators and you will see their flight times are stated as approximate and a one hour flight can be as little as 40 minutes.

With Hot Air your flight will often go for longer than the flight time stated, and the flight time is a minimum.  
On rare occasions the balloon may land early for safety and flight planning reasons    

You will fly longer on a 60 minute flight, and dont worry you will see different scenery as the balloon flies to one direction only on a journey across the landscape
The 60 minute flight is increasingly popular as the upgrade cost of just $49 takes in double the flight time

Howevr the majority of our customers chose the flight with the minimum flight time of 30 mins (often a little longer by the time we find somewhere to land) and LOVE it, finsing it just enough and all at a great price point. 
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