What regulations are in place for Hot air ballooning in Australia?


Hot Air Balloons in Australia that take paying customers, or commercial clients for a fare,  are required to be fully registered aircraft with the Australian Civil Aviation and Safety Authority and are subject to regular airworthiness checks by authorised personnel.

Pilots need to have different levels of experience before they are allowed to progress to larger balloons and this again is carefully monitored by CASA.

Each commercial operation must operate with a nominated Chief Pilot and under an Air Operators Certificate from CASA and these details and requirements can be viewed on the www.casa.gov.au website but form part of Civil Aviation law

Hot Air Pty Ltd Holds an Air Operators Certificate AOC to fly in Australia number 541038 which can be viewed as a PDF HERE

Insurance is compulsory for all customers and is in place subject to the requirements of the Carriers Liability Act

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