Can anyone do it?

Whether you are nine or ninety, you can go hot air ballooning. Hot Air has flown passengers of all ages.
Our minimum age limit is four years old, with no maximum age

We do ask that passengers are able to enter the basket unaided by our crew, we will not lift you in sorry,  the reason being if you need to get out in an emergency that will also be under your own steam and so our test is to ensure you are able to get in at least.  The side of the basket is 1.2m high and there are two solid foot holds to se in entering the basket.
Passengers that are unable to enter the basket on the landing field will not be charged but please be realistic about your mobility in advance and check with us on the phone for more details

Pregnancy - Our medical advice from Drs and other practitioners is that pregnant ladies should not fly at any stage of their pregnancy as there can be unexpected bumps and risks - by all means accompany your family as a spectator passenger and youll have a lot of fun still
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